What To Expect

When people visit a church for the first time, one of the hardest parts is walking into an atmosphere they are not familiar with. We pray these few pointers will help ease those concerns!

What to expect……from the facilities. God has blessed New Beginnings Baptist church with a beautiful place to worship Him in. You will find plenty of parking space, a well maintained church, complete with a comfortable sanctuary, Sunday School classrooms, and lovingly provided nursery care.

What to expect……from the service. At New Beginnings we are focused on true, real, heart felt worship, centered around God’s Holy word both in sermon and song. We lean heavily towards more traditional music and old fashioned, soul stirring preaching. We want our members and our visitors to be encouraged, helped, and most importantly, challenged and changed!

What to expect……from the people. You will find at New Beginnings Baptist Church an extremely friendly, caring, and welcoming family. We strive to serve without prejudice, especially to our most cherished asset, that being you, the visitor. You will find people that are genuinely concerned about you!

What to expect……from the attire. At New Beginnings we don’t make what you wear a major. You will find when you visit people dressed in their ”Sunday best”, being suits and ties on the men and dresses and skirts on the women. You will also find those in collared shirts and blue jeans.

At New Beginnings Baptist Church, expect to find an atmosphere devoted to helping people!