Opportunities To Serve

New Beginnings Baptist Church puts an absolute premium on the Word of God, with all programs of the church being centered on the Bible. Opportunities to serve include the following:

Sunday School – Classes for all age groups with qualified, passionate teachers

Choir and Special Music – Singing old fashioned, scripture driven songs that glorify our Lord and edify the believer

Visitation – Door to door encouragement of our community to visit our church

Church Functions – The church loves to fellowship, enjoying things such as a spring festival, a fall festival, special meals and ice cream fellowships, Sunday School outings, and church trips. We also participate in church league softball, summer youth camp, and much more. There is always something to get involved in!

Faith Promise Missions – Each person has an opportunity to give to our mission program and be a part of worldwide mission work and evangelism. This work is very worthy and exciting to be a part of!


New Beginnings Baptist Church is actively involved in worldwide mission work and evangelism, currently supporting 35 missionaries and one mission office, and looking to take on more as the Lord permits. We support these missionaries through Faith Promise giving, with each giving person giving sacrificially on a yearly promise. God has tremendously blessed the church for their desire to give to and pray for missions!

Current New Beginnings Baptist Church missionaries include:

  • Lavern Rodgers:   Japan
  • Bob Piatt:   Japan
  • Bob Powell:   Mexico
  • Chris Tignor:   Ecuador
  • Russell Pruitt:   Montana
  • Luther Smith:   New Guinea
  • Randy Barnes:   Native Americans in Montana
  • Dennis Young:   Argentina
  • Dan Freeman:   Taiwan
  • Alexander Spear:   Puerto Rico
  • Roger Perrott:   Hong Kong
  • A Serving Family: Central Asia
  • Robert Smith:   Brazil
  • Ben Mayo:   Prayer Baptist Mission
  • Michael Chavez:   Mexico
  • Jeremy Holloway:   South Sudan
  • Ben Johnson:   New York
  • BBFI Home office:   US
  • Jamie Smithey:   Chile
  • Michael Hinson:   Georgia(country)
  • Ty Pepperdine:   China
  • Brent Bergey:   South Africa
  • Sam Quinn:   United Kingdom
  • James Miyashita:   Japan
  • Jason Stanley:   Spain
  • Caleb Wilson: Papua New Guinea
  • Aaron Cruse:   Capital Hill
  • David Owens:   Argentina
  • John Launderville: Ghana West Africa
  • Miguel Sanabria: Columbia
  • Howard Alverson: Scotland
  • Gary Neal: Wings Bearing Precious Seed Ministry
  • Kaleb Finley: Bay area of San Francisco
  • Josh Ewing: Indonesia
  • Dustin Brown: Turkey
  • A serving family: Middle East/North Africa